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Magic’s Auto is a family run vehicle mechanics, our experienced professionals have been carrying out vehicle services and repairs in Coventry of all makes and models to the highest standard since 1985. Our aim is to provide mechanical services to customers to the highest standard and professionalism, allowing an easy and effortless experience for all our customers in Coventry and surrounding areas.

Take a look at our wide range of services from MOTs to general welding and repairs, and find the right solution for your motoring needs. If you have any questions regarding our services please do not hesitate to contacts us.


All Makes & Models

Class 4 cars and light commercial (under 3000kg) -> £35.00

Class 5 (minibuses & private passenger vehicles) -> £58.00

Class 7 (large vans and commercial (over 3000kg)) -> £58.00

Did you know at Magics Auto we check over 200 items on the MOT test?

We can safely service your vehicle using COMMA engine oil guarantee under your warranty

Prices subject to change – MOT fees

Getting a MOT Test

What We Test



Magic’s Auto can safely weld and fabricate panels for your vehicle should it require so, or be excessively corroded and no longer has the strength required to be structurally safe.

Magic’s Auto can weld pieces of metal back together for chassis, sills and floor panels to allow your vehicle to be safe and road worthy.

We can weld your vehicles panels, exhausts or MOT failure items using the most modern welding machines and in doing so adhering to strict health and safety.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

At Magic’s Auto, we understand the importance of your vehicle’s longevity so we can safely diagnose, find and repair your steering faults, whether it be mechanical or an electrical power assisted steering. Steering issues could create a loud noise when turning due to air or clog in the system or fluid loss. Or maybe you are experiencing powering steering juddering or difficulty in turning the steering wheel?

Let Magic’s Auto precisely laser align your vehicle. Any of the above problems can make steering, handling and controlling the vehicle around corners and driving straight a lot more difficult – Magic’s Auto can diagnose, find and repair the fault.



At Magic’s Auto, we understand the importance of your brakes working correctly. We offer a free brake check as part of our service and will carry out a 50-point check on brake system components. Magic’s Auto can safely and quickly diagnose and find faults with your hydraulic braking system, whether it is brake disc or drum braking system. Common problems include: not slowing or stopping the car, noises while braking, brake pedal not feeling efficient, brake fluid leaking, A.B.S faults, and handbrake/parking brake not working correctly – all things we can help with.



Magic’s Auto can safely change your timing belt as specified by the manufacturer guidelines. Most cars require the timing belt to be changed between 60-000 – 120000 miles as the timing belt is critical to the engine’s smooth operation and ensures the engine’s camshaft, crankshaft, and other internal components work in perfect sequence. If the water pump is driven by the timing belt, we can ensure that this is replaced correctly as part of the timing belt and water pump change.

A/C Service & Repair

A/C Service

Magic’s Auto offer air conditioning health checks and air conditioning servicing using state of the art modern machines. We can safely carry out leaks tests and remove and replace with the recommended refrigerant safely. All our technicians are city and guilds Basic Mobile Air Conditioning trained to work on vehicles and can advise you of your air conditioning system requirements. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend refreshing your air conditioning every 2-3 years to keep the system in working order.

Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle Servicing

Magic’s Auto can service cars, vans and commercials vehicles – we offer a variety of service options to suit your needs. Servicing your vehicle ensures its reliability, safety and ensures the engine’s smooth operation. Magic’s Auto will service your vehicle at an affordable cost. The experience we have built up means we can service on warranty vehicles and always use manufacturer equivalent quality parts, meaning we can offer quality parts & service guaranteed. On completion of your service, we will stamp your service book and reset any service lights on your dashboard.


Clutch & Gearbox

There are two main aspects of the clutch system that can go wrong – the mechanical and hydraulic system. If your car is suffering from poor pick up of speed and over-revving of the engine then your clutch components could be at fault. Any leaks from the hydraulic operational systems could mean the clutch pedal is not working correctly. At Magic’s Auto, we can safely rectify and diagnose your clutch problems quickly and efficiently.



At Magic’s Auto, we understand the importance of your vehicle’s longevity and we can safely diagnose and find faults with your suspension, whether it is mechanical, air or gas operated. Suspension issues that could affect your vehicle’s comfort are knocking, clonking or creaking noises on an uneven road, steering issues, one side of the vehicle lower than the other, rolling, leaning forward on braking and turning, feeling every bump in the road, and vibration or humming noises from bearings. Any of the above issues affect your vehicle’s road holding, handling and ride quality – let Magic’s Auto sort it to keep your vehicle safe.

Exhaust System

Free Exhaust Systems Check

At Magic’s Auto, we offer a free exhaust safety check. The role of the exhaust is to remove harmful gases produced by the engine, through the process of filtering through various exhaust pipes silencers safely into the air. It also works in conjunction to produce engine performance. Magic’s Auto can safely diagnose faults and problems such as a smell of exhaust gas, loud metallic vibrations, blockages, leakages and hissing noises, exhaust sensors & DPF faults – we can provide part or full complete exhaust system changes.


Free Tyres Checks

Magic’s Auto can check your tyre is within the 1.6mm legal limits, tyre pressure and condition. Additionally, we make sure your tyres point of contact on the road are safe for the long journeys ahead.

At Magic’s Auto, we can supply, fit and wheel balance all of the following tyres – premium, budget, winter and performance tyres.

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Electrical Fault Finding
Any Vehicle

Magic’s Auto in Coventry can assist with any electrical fault or problems with your vehicle, for example, if you have a car engine light show up on your dashboard, this is a strong indication that there is a problem with your vehicle. At Magic’s Auto, we use our experience and expertise along with the latest in vehicle diagnostics to locate the issues that may occur with your vehicle, whatever the make or model. There can be a wide range of issues that can occur when fault lights show up, yet when fault lights are not active we use our diagnostics program to check the functions in an onboard computer – this allows us to detect any of the underlying faults or issues. If you have any issues or enquires regarding electrical faults within your vehicle please do not hesitate to contact us at Magic’s Auto – we are happy to help.

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